Choosers of Destiny

Thundering through the sky over a field of fallen combatants, they ride howling through the clouds. Shield maidens on horseback come to choose who will go with them into the afterlife. There, they will decide to send the warrior to either Valhalla or Folkvangr, depending on how the fighter died.

As the mother brings the child to life, the Valkyrie delivers a spiritual rebirth. With this, battle hardened Vikings would find solace in the belief that they could fight again in Ragnarok ("Fate of the Gods"/Armageddon.)

 In what is often called "a man's world," one of the most wasted efforts in our history has been the downplay of the woman's role by male dominion all over the world. If the power of creation is not enough to answer the question of equality, then the choosers of our destiny will answer it for us.

Although the Valkyries were divine entities in old stories, the feminine power exists today in all aspects of progress. As political and financial leaders, scientists and engineers, athletes, musicians, gurus, mothers, sisters, lovers, great friends, and everything else.



Carlos Etcheverry brings us his newest work to celebrate our companions and collaborators as we traverse side by side in this realm.

Valkyrie Women's Tank Top

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